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The THRIVE PD Initiative

This site is a source for practical, valuable, and unbiased information covering several facets of Parkinson’s disease, including epidemiology and pathophysiology, a review of the safety and efficacy of current and emerging treatments, several patient-related pages, and others. This multicomponent program features both live and online activities for providers and their patients. By providing useful information about existing and emerging treatment methods, we hope to offer a beneficial learning environment for both providers and patients, with the ultimate goal of improving care for each individual patient.

About Med Learning Group

The goal of Med Learning Group—an accredited CME provider—is to provide high-quality education that is designed to deliver the optimal level of outcomes for patients and the health care providers treating them. As part of the Ultimate Medical Academy family, Med Learning Group has developed strong relationships with several medical associations, community and academic hospitals, patient advocacy groups, managed-care organizations, and government agencies. Through these relationships, Med Learning Group has been able to offer validated educational courses created directly for specialty audiences.

Med Learning Group has significant expertise in developing strong relationships with thought leaders at the forefront of medical and clinical science. Together with these experts, we have consistently developed award-winning CME programs that are timely, practical, and patient-centered. We focus on applying adult learning theory and principles to our programs. Even more important, we understand the nuances of our target audiences and design programs with a grounded understanding of how to educate both general practitioners and specialty audiences.


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Patient Toolkit

The THRIVE Patient Toolkit is a resource center for patients who received diagnosis of or who are interested in learning about Parkinson’s disease. Choose from the options below to learn more.

Clinical Toolkit

The THRIVE Clinical Toolkit is an online tool that aims to provide clinicians up-to-date information on the presentation, prognosis, pathophysiology, and treatment strategies for Parkinson’s disease. Click on one of the options below to learn more about PD.

This activity is supported by an independent medical education grant from AbbVie.

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